About Us

Jordan-Kross aims to be the paradigm shift that fully recognizes, and equalizes the apparel shopping experience. We plan to bring the best qualities and price points to communities that have not had the opportunity to experience the best. We know the great separator between the marginalized and the majority, is not skillset or talent, but it is opportunity. LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and AAPI function alongside the majority in every aspect, but there seem to be no boutiques that target our needs, style aspirations, or beauty standards. A place for us, free of stereotypes and generalities. Jordan-Kross seeks to fill that void.


Our Story

Jordan-Kross Boutique was founded December 2020, during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Experiencing a time gripped with loss of family and livelihoods, our founder realized the pain and suffering within our nation, especially, within marginalized communities. He, ultimately, decided that he would not become a government statistic, but that he would create an environment where he can uplift, encourage, and celebrate those who are often overlooked. Inclusion and happiness, in a time where we needed it most, catalyzed the Jordan-Kross brand. A brand, rooted in resilience, and a “Never-Again” mindset, turned loss into great opportunity.